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The perfect slide grease! Thick enough to give a firm grip but light enough for easy adjustment. Recommended for all brass instruments. Very suitable for cornet and trumpet 1st and 3rd slides. Made from a 100% Mineral Oil.

87 × 30 × 30 mm



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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 87 × 30 × 30 mm

John Elliott

John Elliott (tuba, sousaphone, bass saxophone)

John plays a Holton 6/4 CC, a Miraphone 186 CC, a Besson Eb tuba, a B&H sousaphone, and many more instruments.

I have been using the Alliance tuning slide gel for about three months now, and these are my findings.

Firstly, it is very easy to apply. Being a gel, it can be directed to the exact spot where it is needed, via a narrow nozzle on the top of the container. This means no more greasy fingerprints all over the instrument, and no more “matte finish” from excess lanolin or even worse, Vaseline. Incidentally, being in a bottle with a nozzle also means that none is wasted, which means that it lasts longer.

In addition to its prime use as tuning slide lubricant, I have been using it to lubricate top and bottom valve caps. It seems to work well for this job, and so far there has been no build-up of green deposit as sometimes happens with other slide grease.

This is probably not what it was intended for, but I have also used it to lubricate the joint between the crook and the neck on a saxophone. One tip here, use it very sparingly on joints that you want to remain “friction tight”. It is so good at keeping slides free that you may need to wipe off the excess if using it on sousaphone shanks, tuning bits and so on.

Altogether an excellent product.

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