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A superb valve oil developed by Roger Webster for use with both piston and rotary valves. It very stable at all temperatures and is the perfect viscosity to provide a fast, light action on all valved brass instruments. Highly recommended! Made from a 100% Mineral Oil.

90 × 40 mm


Eco-lube is a mineral oil designed to provide efficient and reliable lubrication for brass instruments. It is manufactured using FDA-listed substances and contains no known allergens, genetically-modified components, animal extracts or nut oil.

Here is what Roger Webster says:

This oil does exactly what it is designed to do: lubricate and protect your instruments, helping to keep them up and running, while never compromising on safety. It is ‘probably’ the finest musical instrument lubricant available… no compromise on quality. I’ve been using the stuff for years and it’s been great. I am very fussy and demanding as a customer and wouldn’t recommend it unless I could do so with total confidence… I can!

Alliance Eco-Lube Pro-Quality Valve Oil has all the correct warnings demanded by EU legislation, including the hazard pictogram. It is also supplied in a 50ml bottle in compliant packaging with a child-resistant cap (CRC) and with a tactile warning embossed on the cap.

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Weight 50 g
Dimensions 90 × 40 mm

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